Affordable Hearing Aids & Prescription Eyeglasses

Improve your hearing and vision with hearing aids and prescription eyeglasses from Economy Best Vision and Hearing in New York, New York. Our company provides comprehensive eye and vision examinations to determine visual acuity, visual function, eye health, depth perception, peripheral vision, eye focusing, eye pressure, and more. We also offer complete hearing services. From hearing tests to fittings for digital hearing aids, our knowledgeable staff will help you through the entire process.

Kids - Hearing Aids - Prescription Eyeglasses

Clearer Vision

Our company provides complete professional vision services for your convenience. From eyeglasses repair and assembly, to filling all prescriptions and putting prescription lenses in frames, we provide the services you need. Additionally, we offer motor vehicle online testing on our premises. Products provided by our company include:

• New Style Frames
• All Children's Eyewear
• Varilux® Progressive Lenses
• Lenses with Glare-Free Coating

• High-Index 167-174 Polycarbonate Lenses
• Optical Accessories, including Cords & Cases


Improved Hearing

Trust the professionals at our company to improve your hearing. We will provide the evaluation and testing you need and, subsequently, the appropriate products to better your hearing. Additionally, we repair hearing aids with warranties. Major hearing aid brands provided by our company include:

• Phonak™
• Oticon™
• Starkey™
• Widex™

• Siemens™

Contact us in New York, New York, to improve your senses with hearing aids and prescription eyeglasses.